Original - Freedom Dance
Original - Freedom Dance
Original - Freedom Dance

Original - Freedom Dance

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Life is like a dance. You rise, you fall, you spin and you crawl. But like the dance, life is beautiful, sometimes you are sharp and rough. Other days you are smooth and graceful. Life is a dance where the beginning is the hardest but when you started to flow you glow. Don't over analyze it, just do it. Be who you are at the deepest core of your being.

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Artistic Purpose

I unconventionally create art for the
explorer at heart. My heart thrives on
producing pieces for my collectors to treasure and transform their space with colour and light.  

I spontaneously explore processes to bring out something that is unconventional, natural and daring.  I combine symbols, imagery together with nature as a catalyse on the journey to self-discovery, wander and excitement.      

Veronica Miles Art Studio