Print - Natures Dance
Print - Natures Dance
Print - Natures Dance
Print - Natures Dance

Print - Natures Dance

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“Nature’s Dance,” I delve into the captivating world of flowers, exploring their intrinsic beauty through a lens of this digital painting. My artistic journey celebrates the boundless diversity of blooms, transforming them into vivid, poetic expressions that I experience in nature and my every day travels.

Each flower’s energy has the inherent grace that God bestows upon them. The canvas becomes a dance floor where petals and stems intertwine, creating a symphony of shapes and lines that captures the rhythm of growth and the fleeting nature of life.

Through this piece, I invite you to see beyond the surface of the flowers, connecting with the essence that lies beneath. Each stroke and colour choice symbolises the vibrancy of life, the resilience of nature, and the delicate balance between fragility and strength.

This one is available as a print on cotton rag paper from my website and as an NFT on Opensea.

Giclèe print on 100% cotton rag or canvas

Tasmania designed and printed.


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Artistic Purpose

I unconventionally create art for the
explorer at heart. My heart thrives on
producing pieces for my collectors to treasure and transform their space with colour and light.  

I spontaneously explore processes to bring out something that is unconventional, natural and daring.  I combine symbols, imagery together with nature as a catalyse on the journey to self-discovery, wander and excitement.      

Veronica Miles Art Studio