Artist Supply list

From mixed media painting to art journaling and dimensional projects, choose your next art adventure and join me in the studio! Here are some of the supplies I’m using. The images below will take you to the Amazon shop (affiliate links).

IMPORTANT: You don’t need to buy everything on the list! I’m including a large variety of options so hopefully you can find plenty of things you already own. 

  1. A pallet, this can be a plastic plate to start out on, or you can use the disposable pallet from Shiploads
  2. Acrylic paint, we are looking for a basic set of colours. Thicker buttery, heavy bodied paint is the best, but buy according to your budget. Good brands are Matisse Structure, Liquitex or Golden. 
3.  Charcoal and pencil drawing setCharcoal set

    Graphite pencil set


    5.  Gesso, any brand is good. Here is a LINK to a good supplier.

    6.  Gel medium, to seal paint and use with collage

    Gel Medium

    7.  Water soluble oil pastels

    8.  Posca Markers, these are fantastic, like paint in a pen.  They are great for mark making. Get a white, black and any other colour.  You may want to get a set or you can buy them individually from your local store. 

    Posca Markers

    9. Brushes 

    Royal Brushes


    Pebeo Yellow Polyamide Brushes, 8-Pack

    10. Substrates - Paper 300 gsm, so that it does not buckle. Eraldo Di Paolo A4 or A3 Hot Pressed Watercolour Pad 300gsm 10 Sheets, is a good option. Canvas -  any size you want to paint on. I would suggest A3 max to start out. 

    Here is a LINK to Riots store for canvas and paper.

    Other items: Scissors, masking tape, rags, scrap papers and magazines for collage, old bank card.

    Optional, creative journal.  Anyone will do as long as the pages are nice and thick. This will help creating a habit to create regularly. I like this one as it has a pocket in front for collage paper, but get one that you’re your budget.

    Creative Journal




    See you in the studio soon!