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Learn to become a professional artist
Discover your unique style and become expressive through art
Learn how to draw anything
Learn how to utilize digital resources 
Use mixed media to create one of a kind pieces
Discover your superpower

Artist weekly classes 

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Wednesday 27 January  10am - 12pm






    Our right brain is our creative brain! By regularly exercise your creative brain helps to solve problems, conflicts, and create innovative projects.

    We provide a list if you would like to get them yourself from a local art supply store, or we have provided links to an online store.

    This intensive program is designed to keep you interested and provide time to experiment their newly learned skills on your own. We are teaching them to build confidence through self discovery without rigit class settings. Remember you will have lifetime access and can review the classes at anytime.

    You will have the opportunity to follow the video and catch up on your own.  No additional class willbe offered.

    Yes! We plann to do another 4 weeks intermediate class.

    What we will cover

    Week 1: Orientation

    Week 2: Dive in and Watch it Bloom

    Week 3: Aesthetic

    Week 4: Get Messy, Creative, and Dream BIG

    Art Masterclass

    Art Masterclass

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    Weekly classes starting Friday 27th January  10 - 12 pm

    • 4 weeks of face to face lessons taught by Veronica Miles
    • Plus weekly video content that will teach you new techniques
    • Lifetime access
    • Gain confidence as you learn to draw and paint
    • Each week you will be given prompts to explore in your journal

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