Original - Wondering
Original - Wondering

Original - Wondering

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This painting, "Wondering,” is a unique exploration of past memories and future aspirations while savouring the aroma of a cup of tea. The creative journey began with the artist's spontaneous mark-making on the canvas, a technique that allowed the textures and layers of collage to unfold in a truly organic manner, mirroring the intricate layers of memories.

Central to this composition is a vase of flowers, a poignant symbol that harks back to the floral arrangement classes the artist used to attend with her late mother. This still-life element, rendered with a touch of abstraction, symbolises the transient nature of these memories as the vase appears to merge into the background. The presence of a teacup beckons the viewer into a moment of reflection and meditation, while the depiction of a glass window hints at a yearning for the future.

The artistic journey that led to this piece was greatly shaped by the works of French artist Edouard Manet, particularly his 1882 "Flowers in Crystal Vase" paintings. I was drawn to Manet's impressionist approach, his Alla prima, wet-on-wet technique, and his loose, broad brushstrokes, all of which inspired a more fluid and spontaneous style. (Stamberg 2015)  Another significant influence was Pierre Bonnard, whose domestic scenes and unique perspectives were a constant fascination. Bonnard's ability to blur the boundaries between objects and their backgrounds, focusing on sunlight and the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces, greatly informed the approach to this artwork. 

This artwork holds a special place in my heart. It acts as a conduit between the past and the future, inviting viewers to discover their own moments of contemplation. Through the interplay of collage, still life, and abstraction, I endeavoured to craft a visual narrative that resonates with the themes of memory, reflection, and longing.

 Oil on stretched Canvas, ready to hang. 

91cm (W) x 91cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)

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Artistic Purpose

I unconventionally create art for the
explorer at heart. My heart thrives on
producing pieces for my collectors to treasure and transform their space with colour and light.  

I spontaneously explore processes to bring out something that is unconventional, natural and daring.  I combine symbols, imagery together with nature as a catalyse on the journey to self-discovery, wander and excitement.      

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