Print - Kookaburra Artwork
Print - Kookaburra Artwork
Print - Kookaburra Artwork

Print - Kookaburra

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These iconic Kookaburra is well known for its laughing sound.  "laughter is the best medicine"  Let this laughing bird reminds us that wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been. 

Giclèe print on 100% cotton rag paper.

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Artistic Purpose

I unconventionally create art for the
explorer at heart. My heart thrives on
producing pieces for my collectors to treasure and transform their space with colour and light.  

I spontaneously explore processes to bring out something that is unconventional, natural and daring.  I combine symbols, imagery together with nature as a catalyse on the journey to self-discovery, wander and excitement.      

Veronica Miles Art Studio