Original - The Scarlet Thread
Original - The Scarlet Thread
Original - The Scarlet Thread

Original - The Scarlet Thread

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The layered painting reflects the layers of my true identity, formed over thousands of years. The dots represents the intertwined DNA from generations before us and those to come. The DNA strands presented by the embroidered vines, depict the blood, sweat and tears that formed part of you generations ago.  As the line continues, it also presents the DNA of each interaction from one person to another, connecting all, securing a genetic bond.  As you encounter this art piece, you can bring far things near.  Like a big tapestry intricately woven together, from experience to experience, over many generations. See the teachings of your mother or mentors as resembled in the embroidery  stitches. Reflect upon your own life with new buds on that vine flowing from you to generations to come. Imagine a scarlet thread through every scene of your life, at times when it felt like you had come to the end of yourself,  see your Creator who gave His life for you on a cross, shedding His blood so that you can be united with Him. Although we are generations apart, we are still connected. 

Mixed Media, Ready to hang

51cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 4cm (D)

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Artistic Purpose

I unconventionally create art for the
explorer at heart. My heart thrives on
producing pieces for my collectors to treasure and transform their space with colour and light.  

I spontaneously explore processes to bring out something that is unconventional, natural and daring.  I combine symbols, imagery together with nature as a catalyse on the journey to self-discovery, wander and excitement.      

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